reminisce radio FX -

We APPEAL to the most valued,                 A-List,educated professionals and top tier    decision makers than any other existing    online radio station.    

reminisce radio FX                               is one of the most promotionally active      stations in the market & one of the top      25-54 and 18-49 year old stations.

Many stations are experts in specific    genres, often because of a personal      draw to a certain sound. 

Often, these radio stations suffer when      placed in an environment where their        usual style isn’t working –                        and not having the ability to break out        of the usual keeps listeners changing        the station, in search of something new.

Our ability to fulfill the direct musical     
desires of listeners makes 

reminisce radio FX                               the prime choice for radio contentment. 

With our staple show "pillowtalk ATL"

well as "Watch ME Whip"

and "Drinks On ME"

-our listeners are taking notice.                               

reminisce radio FX  

is also home to the Seductively Sexy      segment "Confessions of a Mad Poet." 

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