When “The Quiet Storm”

is the topic –

Juan De’Rone is a MUST in the conversation.  These are just a few words that merely come close to the defined prominence of Actor, Songster, Instrumentalist, and Poet: Juan De’Rone.

pillowtalk FX holds true to the flavor originated back in 2015 which is accountable for the conception of almost 700,000 (and growing) FX listeners in Atlanta as well as in over 117 Countries.  

“When I'm not talking it up on the radio I'm either hard at work in the FX studios, Cooking, working out or going on some crazy adventure with the love of my life.  But honestly, my favorite place to be is anywhere there’s a microphone in front of me. I truly strive to use the FX platform for more than just talking about the latest gossip and celebrity news. I make it a goal to not only inspire, influence and encourage… but to befriend my listeners, even if it's just one.  I want to be a breath of fresh air to each and every listener who hears my voice."

pillowtalk FX is multipurpose mood -  Juan De'Rone tells a stimulating and sultry story.  An aphrodisiac of provocative late-night mischiefs featuring R&B Mashups executed in a smooth, romantic, and quixotic style, by artists such as Jacquees, The Bonfyre, Summer Walker, H.E.R. and more.  Unbox classic 90’s slow-jamz like Guy, Silk, Keith Sweat, Intro…well, you get it. It’s the perfect merger of music to help you let everything go- or to set the right romantic mood with Juan De’Rone’s satin voice.


At any rate, stay tuned for essential announcements –

pillowtalk FX will be bringing innovative new broadcasts soon...

Exciting times are surely ahead.